A Solemn Week 6!

This week I started off with the Daily Creates which you can find on my twitter. After that, I began watching the videos from Paula and David to see what their insights were on the different styles and approaches to design. I enjoyed Paula’s presentation on the differences between being solemn and serious regarding one’s approach to design. The Design Assignments were next on my list.  started off with creating the Apocalyptic Character from the generator then I started on the alternative book cover. I tried to apply some of the key concepts about design that I learned, such as color, contrast, and balance when making the book cover. I used some random posters, promotions, book cover, and labels for my #DesignBlitz, be sure to check out those in my previous post “Think Like a Designer…” My previous blog post will also contain my reflection of what I took most from the Design information from this week!

Question of the Week:

The most successful group that I’ve been a part of would probably be my basketball team during my senior year of high school. I transferred to Middleburg Academy to play for my mentor that basically taught me how to play basketball. What made that team so great was our willingness to set aside our personal goals and focus on the greater task at hand. We were all from different areas and backgrounds, but that did not matter when we realized how bad we all wanted to be champions.


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