Are You Carrying the Fire?

Leave you how you left us…

This GIF features the scene of the father catching up to the man that robbed him and his son of their belongings, forcing him to strip naked simply because he stole their stuff. I thought that it was impactful the way the man held on to his shoes as the last thing he had before being left behind to die of starvation. (The Road, 2009)


La Jetee:

I felt that the pictures used in the short film, La Jetee, were useful because it just made it overall easier to read and feel an attachment to the film. The choice of music also set a catastrophic tone when the overview photos of the destruction was shown. There were a few occasions in the film where it seemed like some of the photo were being shown without a purpose because there was no narration added to it. The way that the story is being told, I believe that it is more effective because it features a series of photographs instead of video clips. I think the reason might be because the photographs don’t require the viewer’s visual attention as long as videos do. A video allows the viewer to be more distracted in a way because there is more to focus on.

The Road:

The director does an amazing job in the beginning of the film, The Road, in regard to showing the setting of the current state of the world. The shots of the environment portrayed a strong sense of abandonment and a series of post-apocalyptic scenes that show familiar areas that are usually populated. The scene of the boy and man watching the fire roar over the forest was a powerful scene because it closed in to their reaction of witnessing something so destructive. It almost seemed as if it was supernatural by how large the flames were. The color contrast of the scenes also depict a grey tone giving the viewer a dark sense of the environment.

Question of the Week:

Can a GIF be a story?

I believe a GIF can be a story because it can communicate something to the viewer using the traditional beginning, middle, and end format of storytelling.

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