Can Anyone Hear Me?

This week seemed like it wasn’t that much of a work load, so I was actually able to get the majority of the work done early in the week. The first assignment I focused on was the Character Choice and Introduction. My character’s back story revolved around the void that grew inside him because of his mother’s absence. I watched the two videos of Had Abumrad after that, and enjoyed his passion the way he spoke about audio. Next on the list was the Frequency 2156. I probably had too much fun listening the different broadcast featured on the map.

Question of the Week:

I honestly feel amazing. This week has been a pivotal week in my life regarding my college experience. I played my last regular season game as a student athlete and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I had a great game individually and my team couldn’t have made me any prouder with the effort they put on the floor to make that day special for me.

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