Phone HOME!

For the first assignment I chose to do the Phone Call between two characters in my book. The two characters that I used are Henry and the artificial intelligent robot, Stacy. In this audio clip, Stacy is making a distress call to Henry’s home in order to get him to help Master Steven back at his underground station. The situation is that Steven is unconscious and no one can get to him without learning his secret. I used Logic Pro to create the phone call. Logic has a few different sound effect features to use, so that is where I got the telephone ringing sound in the beginning.

I used the voice filters to make both my characters sound a little different from each other. I used the robot filter for Stacy and the telephone filter for Henry.

Here’s the audio clip that I uploaded to Soundcloud.


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  1. This is one of the few novels on the list for this semester that I either haven’t read or didn’t get a chance to read this semester. How did you like it. It’s definitely on my list — and this audio assignment intrigues me more.

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