The main thing I learned from the tips page was just the technical terms for the techniques I’ve been somewhat familiar with. I have a passion for photography and photo manipulation because its considered visual art to me. The tips increased my familiarity and confidence regarding my choice in the shots I take.

Abandoned America:

The gallery that I chose to take a look at was the Abandoned America’s Greatest Hits. I figured that this would be the best option to start with, so that I could analyze the most impactful photos of this genre. The first photo I looked at was a picture taken at the Packard Motor Car Company by Matthew Christopher (2009). Matthew took the shot with an eye level perspective allowing the viewer to see straight through the abandoned building. The square spaces all throughout the exterior gives off a sense of emptiness. The lighting is perfect for this picture as well. It makes everything clear and crisp creating a detailed sense of depth.


The first picture I used to represent something that makes me sick was the Starbucks vending machine. I’m not a fan of coffee like most people. I’ve never really had a need to drink it and it makes my stomach hurt if I do. I chose one of my hats as something that I wear. The landscape picture feature the steps right outside of the HTCC that leads down to the first floor. The the irregular pattern, I took a picture of the colorful cubed chairs in the HTCC on campus. When it came to taking a picture of the toilet, I tried to use an aerial perspective and deep contrast to highlight the white of toilet. I just so happened to be in the media lab on the first floor of the HTCC, so I took a picture of the sound system and the computer monitor that showed Logic Pro X on the screen. I couldn’t find a large body of water, so I used the sink in the men’s restroom for the water source. I thought that the flash from my phone served as an excellent source of reflection. I edited the contrast of the original photo and decreased the exposure to try to give it a more crisp feel.

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