Story Behind Marcus Hodges…

My character’s name is Marcus Hodges, and has a history for not following directions and creating his own rules at almost any cost. He was always the smartest one in every school he attended, so he became bored with the standard way things took place. He had a knack for creating drama in some way, shape, or form. He believed heavily in the art of deception or persuasion. He would often act certain ways to get people to do things for him. He used his witty personality and charm to get what he wanted in life. He didn’t care who became hurt in the process of getting what he wanted because he felt that people didn’t care about his well-being.

Growing up he was what most would call a “mama’s boy”. His mother was his pride and joy, she also seemed to be the only person that showed him the love and attention that he craved deep down. At the age of 9, his mother disappeared without a trace. She left him with his step-father, who was just as confused as the son was regarding her absence. Every Sunday morning for 7 months they would go looking for his mother until his step-father eventually gave up. Marcus never wanted to give up until he had an answer, but the hope he once had began to turn into malice towards everyone. Marcus became the selfish, deceiptful individual that he is today. Marcus is now 23 years old and owns his own business in film and advertisement. He’s been recognized as the type of boss that sells dreams to his clients and goes back on his word depending on how it benefits himself.

This is who he is before “The End” comes.

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  1. I wonder will the end bring out his selfishness more or will such a traumatic event cause him to change? Will he use his ability to persuade for good? I’m curious to see what road Marcus chooses to travel down when the world is thrown in to chaos. I also hope Marcus gets closure about his mom’s disappearance some day.

  2. Looking for his mother every Sunday sounds so sad and amazing at the same time! It will be interesting to find out how his childhood will impact how he reacts to the end. I look forward to it!

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