The End has Begun! Week 11

For my daily creates this week, I used to make a GIF using the island scene from “Madagascar” to add on to the story.

I chose the Winston Churchill quote,”You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” I used a screenshot picture from Naruto, one of my favorite shows growing up. This picture feature Madara Uchiha going up against an entire army of ninja, he definitely stood up for something during his lifetime and the next! I also wrote a poem about a mistake that I made of losing my wallet.

“Today I lost my wallet.

Hey, try to call it.

Maybe it will make a sound

I began to search all around

My wallet was never found.”

The video assignment that I chose to do was the Character/Genre Song Mashup. I used the song Hero by Nas and featured some of my favorite heroes from some cartoons that I use to watch when I was younger. Here’s the link for  that video! Hope you like it!

For the Creating Work assignment, I suggested the video assignment of creating a vlog for a day. Vlogging seems like it can be simple until it is time to actually do it!

The second assignment was to create a video using any form of B-Roll that you can come up with! B-Roll is considered secondary footage or a bunch of random cuts that you use to add context to a story or just overall make the video more interesting. This is the video example that I used for B-Roll. It’s from a video that I made of Eagle Nation Day!

During this week, Dan and I filmed our Content Creator Central video. I was able to learn a lot for myself throughout this process. I was able to check out some of Dan’s personal inspirations of videographers, which actually became some of my inspirations as well. I was also able to compare and learn about all of the different materials he uses for his productions. The most interesting thing he had was of course his drone! I love the cinematic qualities of using a drone. I can’t wait to finally purchase my own, but I don’t want to waste money and get something that isn’t going to give me the best quality. We filmed mostly in the Eagle Landing apartments and covered most of campus using his drone from there.

Question of the Week:

The first thing that I do now that the end has started is gather as many useful companions as possible. One thing that I’ve learned throughout my journey so far is that there is strength in numbers! We might as well prepare together if we want any hope of surviving.

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