Things Are Getting Strange..Week 12

I started off this week with completing the 12 star assignments. I focused mainly on the audio assignments because they seemed easier to do at the time. I had some difficulty doing the second assignment “Drive By” because Logic wouldn’t stop shutting down and I had know idea what the problem was. I eventually found out that it was because one of the sound effects that I was using required an advanced setting adjustment to have it shared. It made me realized how complex the software is and how there’s still so much more I have to learn about it.

As far as the evidence that I found most interesting are the strange lights in the sky. Its not every day that someone gets a picture of floating lights in the sky that no one can explain. It might have something to do with the last W-END106 radio station messages!

Question of the Week:

If I had a weapon of choice it would have to be a pistol and a case of bullets. I feel like if I need a weapon for any reason then a hand gun would probably be the most convenient. I could hide it whenever necessary and I could take care of any threat regarding other people or animals, even if its just a bluff.

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