Week 4! View from an Apocalyptic Lens

And that’s a wrap for Week 4!

The first thing I did for this week’s assignments was read the Tips for Better Photography and applied those concepts to my current knowledge base of photography. After that I used those concepts to view the Abandoned America galleries to see if I could pick out the different techniques that they used for the individual photos. When it came to the Photoblitz challenge, I basically just found a bunch of random targets around the HTCC so that I wouldn’t run out of time looking for things else where. Be sure to checkout the pictures either on my blog post or on my Instagram!

I chose to tackle the two films we had to watch next. La Jetee was an interesting film, but I definitely enjoyed The Road (2009) a lot more. I don’t think I would have chosen to watch it if it wasn’t required, however, I’m glad I did. It directed my attention to how humans may be consumed by “inhumane” acts in order to survive. The GIF I chose from this film featured the scene where the father caught up with the man that stole their belongings and stripped him of everything he had. I thought that scene was impactful because the father had been enduring an internal battle between doing what is right and whatever it takes to survive. I also answered the Question of the Week on my previous post.

I’m looking forward to seeing what next week’s adventure will be!

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