Video Group Planning Reflection

For this video project I am working with Dan. We met earlier this year to worked together and just found out recently that we’re in the same class. The title of our video will be “Content Creator Central”. We will be showing our audience what goes on behind the scenes when planning to film and edit. Ironically our characters have similar backgrounds featuring film. My character owns his own film and advertisement business and his character is an expert at video editing. The video will consist of showing the equipment being used, different editing techniques, and what is important to do throughout the entire process. We will also explain one of the most important aspects of videography, B-roll.

What’s next?!

I began this week by starting on the daily creates. The first daily create for March 22nd was to tweet a picture of my favorite animal and give it a more descriptive name. I chose the panda bear and gave it the name “Oreo Bear”, paying homage to the Oreo milkshake I was eating from cookout. For the 3rd daily create, I had to create a short poem that I related to the post-apocalyptic theme for class. (Twitter)

During the radio shows reflection, I enjoyed everyone’s feedback regarding our show. I was surprised that some people enjoyed it more than expected. I loved doing the radio show, not just as an assignment, but as an opportunity to interact with my classmates.

The radio show that I tuned in for was the “Survivors at Sunrise.” I enjoyed the dialogue from this station and the individual stories included. This group focused on what to do after the apocalypse had already occurred, which I thought was interesting because I wondered how radio stations would work in a post-apocalyptic era.

Question of the Week:

One major thing that I could not live without during the apocalypse would be clothing. I would rip clothes off of dead people if I had to. After watching a few apocalyptic movies, I noticed how significant a pair of shoes might be to someone.

W-END 106.3 Radio Show!


W-END 106.3 Radio Show

I enjoyed the Radio Show assignment more than any assignment we’ve had prior! It could be because we were actually able to meet with some of the people in our class. I love being able to interact with people that I’ve never met before. My group started off with four members, but then we had a member withdraw from the course before we had a chance to meet. We weren’t able to meet officially until after spring break. We met a total of two times in order for us to complete the entire assignment. During the first meeting, we brainstormed ideas and decided what our best approach would be for the story we wanted to tell. During the second meeting, we recorded the entire show from beginning to end. I definitely had more fun improvising than actually sticking with what we initially planned.

We wanted to make sure we had all of the content in order before we began to edit anything. I was familiar with Logic Pro X and I also had it on my laptop, so I did the majority of the editing while my team helped come up with innovative ideas to make the show flow. Our show is takes place in a the year 2096 and involves a large amount of the population disappearing off the face of the earth. The type of radio show we had featured mostly interviews and people calling in to report their opinion on what the cause was for all of the missing people.

The two songs I chose for the show, considering the topic of discussion, was ALIENS by Coldplay and Alien Girl by Kendrick Lamar.


{CösmicConsciousness} 👽🌍💭

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My personal depiction of what the alien invaders might look like!

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Question of the Week:

If I had to become something I would either become a time traveler or a supernatural being. The only stressful part about becoming a time traveler is that chance are I’ll have to deal with the butterfly effect and something else could go wrong. There would also be a great deal of pressure trying to save the world after it has already happened. It definitely depends on the restrictions as far as my time traveling abilities. I wouldn’t mind traveling back to a time when things didn’t seem too bad to me and lived a couple of lives. If I had supernatural abilities then I would spend the majority of my time trying to help those in need during the post-apocalyptic era. One of my main focuses would be to grab the remainder of the survivors and work on rebuilding, working together, and hopefully finding a solution to our survival.

A Solemn Week 6!

This week I started off with the Daily Creates which you can find on my twitter. After that, I began watching the videos from Paula and David to see what their insights were on the different styles and approaches to design. I enjoyed Paula’s presentation on the differences between being solemn and serious regarding one’s approach to design. The Design Assignments were next on my list.  started off with creating the Apocalyptic Character from the generator then I started on the alternative book cover. I tried to apply some of the key concepts about design that I learned, such as color, contrast, and balance when making the book cover. I used some random posters, promotions, book cover, and labels for my #DesignBlitz, be sure to check out those in my previous post “Think Like a Designer…” My previous blog post will also contain my reflection of what I took most from the Design information from this week!

Question of the Week:

The most successful group that I’ve been a part of would probably be my basketball team during my senior year of high school. I transferred to Middleburg Academy to play for my mentor that basically taught me how to play basketball. What made that team so great was our willingness to set aside our personal goals and focus on the greater task at hand. We were all from different areas and backgrounds, but that did not matter when we realized how bad we all wanted to be champions.


Thinking Like a Designer…

Design Reflection:

I enjoyed Paula’s presentation on the differences between being solemn and serious regarding one’s approach to design. Because I am an artist, and do some graphic design myself, I feel like I can relate directly to what she is talking about. Sometimes I find myself being stuck between being solemn and serious when working on a project. I learned that creating designs takes paying attention to strategic visual details and allowing yourself to roam freely when it comes to how creative you can be. The majority of the best designs that seem more appealing to people come from both complete accidents and from me trying to make it similar to a specific style that seems attractive to me.

For the Alternative Book Cover assignment on the book “The Man Who Ended the World”, by Jason Gurley, I chose to use a dark tone theme and use the color of the red button to highlight the danger behind the context of the book. I edited this photo on my phone using Photoshop and a picture editing app call Aviary.


Here is my Character Design for the Apocalyptic Character Generator.

These are the photos that I chose for the Design Blitz assignment. The first image is of the book cover “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” which deals with finances. The designer for this book chose the color purple which is usually associated with royalty or wealthiness. The next photo is a magnet copy of the basketball schedule in which the designer uses hierarchy well to shape an organized composition of the information. The next photo is a promotion for the Special Olympics day and I think that this one represents alignment well judging by how stacked and connection the information is. Another photo I used was the poster from my senior night game. This poster uses the negative space to emphasis on the different pictures cropped in. The negative space is filled with somewhat of a foggy background to make the photo editing look cleaner. The last photo is of Cantu’s leav-in conditioner that uses hierarchy to display the level of significance of each individual text.

Can Anyone Hear Me?

This week seemed like it wasn’t that much of a work load, so I was actually able to get the majority of the work done early in the week. The first assignment I focused on was the Character Choice and Introduction. My character’s back story revolved around the void that grew inside him because of his mother’s absence. I watched the two videos of Had Abumrad after that, and enjoyed his passion the way he spoke about audio. Next on the list was the Frequency 2156. I probably had too much fun listening the different broadcast featured on the map.

Question of the Week:

I honestly feel amazing. This week has been a pivotal week in my life regarding my college experience. I played my last regular season game as a student athlete and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I had a great game individually and my team couldn’t have made me any prouder with the effort they put on the floor to make that day special for me.

I Can’t Feel My Legs…

I think that the creators chose audio as the medium because it gives the audience a greater sense of context to what is going on in the message. The way someone projects their voice through the audio messages tells you whats going on. The crowd-sourced audio does a great job telling the post-apocalyptic story because it also gives the audience a visual aspect to make it seem like you’re actually in a post-apocalyptic era. The background audio effects while waiting on the standby page seem like a vital part of the atmosphere. There isn’t much that I would’ve done differently other than add more sound effects to hopefully intensify it more somehow.

This is my recorded audio message from

Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Considering Audio…

The concept behind co-imagining is amazing to me. Forming that intimate connection with someone that you’re not in physical contact with by using the human voice shows a unique relationship dynamic between people. He compared this relationship to him painting a picture but the audience is holding the paint brush. This was the statement that made the entire concept clear to me.

I believe that I have an above average knowledge base regarding audio because my prior experiences in different classes and personal projects. Dealing with videography requires me to manipulate audio files in order to enhance the visual story I’m trying to create. Last year I took Technology for Musicians and that required me to study the technical aspects of creating music on Logic Pro, an advanced audio software used for making music. I mostly use Final Cut Pro to manipulate the different audio clips because I’m usually editing videos, rather than just different audios. I am familiar with the majority of the information from the reading.

Story Behind Marcus Hodges…

My character’s name is Marcus Hodges, and has a history for not following directions and creating his own rules at almost any cost. He was always the smartest one in every school he attended, so he became bored with the standard way things took place. He had a knack for creating drama in some way, shape, or form. He believed heavily in the art of deception or persuasion. He would often act certain ways to get people to do things for him. He used his witty personality and charm to get what he wanted in life. He didn’t care who became hurt in the process of getting what he wanted because he felt that people didn’t care about his well-being.

Growing up he was what most would call a “mama’s boy”. His mother was his pride and joy, she also seemed to be the only person that showed him the love and attention that he craved deep down. At the age of 9, his mother disappeared without a trace. She left him with his step-father, who was just as confused as the son was regarding her absence. Every Sunday morning for 7 months they would go looking for his mother until his step-father eventually gave up. Marcus never wanted to give up until he had an answer, but the hope he once had began to turn into malice towards everyone. Marcus became the selfish, deceiptful individual that he is today. Marcus is now 23 years old and owns his own business in film and advertisement. He’s been recognized as the type of boss that sells dreams to his clients and goes back on his word depending on how it benefits himself.

This is who he is before “The End” comes.

Week 4! View from an Apocalyptic Lens

And that’s a wrap for Week 4!

The first thing I did for this week’s assignments was read the Tips for Better Photography and applied those concepts to my current knowledge base of photography. After that I used those concepts to view the Abandoned America galleries to see if I could pick out the different techniques that they used for the individual photos. When it came to the Photoblitz challenge, I basically just found a bunch of random targets around the HTCC so that I wouldn’t run out of time looking for things else where. Be sure to checkout the pictures either on my blog post or on my Instagram!

I chose to tackle the two films we had to watch next. La Jetee was an interesting film, but I definitely enjoyed The Road (2009) a lot more. I don’t think I would have chosen to watch it if it wasn’t required, however, I’m glad I did. It directed my attention to how humans may be consumed by “inhumane” acts in order to survive. The GIF I chose from this film featured the scene where the father caught up with the man that stole their belongings and stripped him of everything he had. I thought that scene was impactful because the father had been enduring an internal battle between doing what is right and whatever it takes to survive. I also answered the Question of the Week on my previous post.

I’m looking forward to seeing what next week’s adventure will be!