Drive By…

The second assignment that I chose to do was the Sound Effects one in the Audio tab. For this assignment I had to make an audio clip full of different sound effects to tell a story. The title is called “Drive By” and features the sounds of a car starting, speeding off, then gun shots follow right after. The clip dies down with a car crash and a heart beat and a baby crying begin to play simultaneously. I tried to use sound that illicits an initial emotional response once you hear it.


W-END 106.3 Radio Show!


W-END 106.3 Radio Show

I enjoyed the Radio Show assignment more than any assignment we’ve had prior! It could be because we were actually able to meet with some of the people in our class. I love being able to interact with people that I’ve never met before. My group started off with four members, but then we had a member withdraw from the course before we had a chance to meet. We weren’t able to meet officially until after spring break. We met a total of two times in order for us to complete the entire assignment. During the first meeting, we brainstormed ideas and decided what our best approach would be for the story we wanted to tell. During the second meeting, we recorded the entire show from beginning to end. I definitely had more fun improvising than actually sticking with what we initially planned.

We wanted to make sure we had all of the content in order before we began to edit anything. I was familiar with Logic Pro X and I also had it on my laptop, so I did the majority of the editing while my team helped come up with innovative ideas to make the show flow. Our show is takes place in a the year 2096 and involves a large amount of the population disappearing off the face of the earth. The type of radio show we had featured mostly interviews and people calling in to report their opinion on what the cause was for all of the missing people.

The two songs I chose for the show, considering the topic of discussion, was ALIENS by Coldplay and Alien Girl by Kendrick Lamar.


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My personal depiction of what the alien invaders might look like!

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Question of the Week:

If I had to become something I would either become a time traveler or a supernatural being. The only stressful part about becoming a time traveler is that chance are I’ll have to deal with the butterfly effect and something else could go wrong. There would also be a great deal of pressure trying to save the world after it has already happened. It definitely depends on the restrictions as far as my time traveling abilities. I wouldn’t mind traveling back to a time when things didn’t seem too bad to me and lived a couple of lives. If I had supernatural abilities then I would spend the majority of my time trying to help those in need during the post-apocalyptic era. One of my main focuses would be to grab the remainder of the survivors and work on rebuilding, working together, and hopefully finding a solution to our survival.