The Origin of the End.

Today I finish my video production, “The Origin of the End”, for my final story. I utilized a bunch of space video clips to help create a solid origin story that makes sense to what’s been going on lately. The Beings of Light have come back for their source of power, but did they find instead?

What does this mean for the people of Earth?

What source of power caused the Beings of Light to return now?

Be sure to check it out and tell me what you think!

I used Logic Pro to record the audio narrative and the voice echo effects in the background. In some instances I tested out one of the most random sounds with the echo effect and it matched the vibe perfectly. I inhaled and exhaled heavily onto the microphone and it gave off a deep ghostly spiritual type of feelings.

To make the actual visuals, I used Final Cut Pro to layer a bunch of free clips that I found on the internet. I kind of wrote the story based off of the type of clips I could find for free. I really enjoyed this project because I was able to be a little bit more creative with the audio for the entire production. I plan on doing more projects that I can try out my different voices narrating random stories. The evidence that I based my story from the strange lights seen on April 16th. They supposedly knocked someone out and immediately affected their bodily functions afterwards.

As everything is officially coming to an end. I find myself being completely at peace for what is to come. I’ve had a long journey up until this point, and I can honestly say that I am ready for what’s next!

7 Daily Creates









The BIG FINALE is coming soon…

This week is the big finale! I’ve been feeling it for some time now. The End is at the tip of our nose, but the question is…how will it happen?
In order to prepare, I’ve been gathering all of the information necessary to tell the story of how the End actually began during the beginning of time! I will be making a video to tell the origins and background of the story and I will use photos and audio to support it as evidence. We might be receiving a visit from some extraterrestrial beings. The media formats of video, audio, writing, and photography will be used together to paint the picture of how the world comes to an end. Maybe we will be able to learn more about ourselves before everything comes to an end.

New Lights in the Sky

My uncle sent me a picture of these lights shining for 7 hours over his home in Arizona. He said that a sharp buzzing sound was hear all around his town. He figured since I was in college I could explain what was going on, but all I could tell him was that the end was coming. I think I scared him just a little bit because I didn’t really tell him what I meant by that. What do you think the explanation for these lights would be?

Things Are Getting Strange..Week 12

I started off this week with completing the 12 star assignments. I focused mainly on the audio assignments because they seemed easier to do at the time. I had some difficulty doing the second assignment “Drive By” because Logic wouldn’t stop shutting down and I had know idea what the problem was. I eventually found out that it was because one of the sound effects that I was using required an advanced setting adjustment to have it shared. It made me realized how complex the software is and how there’s still so much more I have to learn about it.

As far as the evidence that I found most interesting are the strange lights in the sky. Its not every day that someone gets a picture of floating lights in the sky that no one can explain. It might have something to do with the last W-END106 radio station messages!

Question of the Week:

If I had a weapon of choice it would have to be a pistol and a case of bullets. I feel like if I need a weapon for any reason then a hand gun would probably be the most convenient. I could hide it whenever necessary and I could take care of any threat regarding other people or animals, even if its just a bluff.

Drive By…

The second assignment that I chose to do was the Sound Effects one in the Audio tab. For this assignment I had to make an audio clip full of different sound effects to tell a story. The title is called “Drive By” and features the sounds of a car starting, speeding off, then gun shots follow right after. The clip dies down with a car crash and a heart beat and a baby crying begin to play simultaneously. I tried to use sound that illicits an initial emotional response once you hear it.


Phone HOME!

For the first assignment I chose to do the Phone Call between two characters in my book. The two characters that I used are Henry and the artificial intelligent robot, Stacy. In this audio clip, Stacy is making a distress call to Henry’s home in order to get him to help Master Steven back at his underground station. The situation is that Steven is unconscious and no one can get to him without learning his secret. I used Logic Pro to create the phone call. Logic has a few different sound effect features to use, so that is where I got the telephone ringing sound in the beginning.

I used the voice filters to make both my characters sound a little different from each other. I used the robot filter for Stacy and the telephone filter for Henry.

Here’s the audio clip that I uploaded to Soundcloud.


The End has Begun! Week 11

For my daily creates this week, I used to make a GIF using the island scene from “Madagascar” to add on to the story.

I chose the Winston Churchill quote,”You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” I used a screenshot picture from Naruto, one of my favorite shows growing up. This picture feature Madara Uchiha going up against an entire army of ninja, he definitely stood up for something during his lifetime and the next! I also wrote a poem about a mistake that I made of losing my wallet.

“Today I lost my wallet.

Hey, try to call it.

Maybe it will make a sound

I began to search all around

My wallet was never found.”

The video assignment that I chose to do was the Character/Genre Song Mashup. I used the song Hero by Nas and featured some of my favorite heroes from some cartoons that I use to watch when I was younger. Here’s the link for  that video! Hope you like it!

For the Creating Work assignment, I suggested the video assignment of creating a vlog for a day. Vlogging seems like it can be simple until it is time to actually do it!

The second assignment was to create a video using any form of B-Roll that you can come up with! B-Roll is considered secondary footage or a bunch of random cuts that you use to add context to a story or just overall make the video more interesting. This is the video example that I used for B-Roll. It’s from a video that I made of Eagle Nation Day!

During this week, Dan and I filmed our Content Creator Central video. I was able to learn a lot for myself throughout this process. I was able to check out some of Dan’s personal inspirations of videographers, which actually became some of my inspirations as well. I was also able to compare and learn about all of the different materials he uses for his productions. The most interesting thing he had was of course his drone! I love the cinematic qualities of using a drone. I can’t wait to finally purchase my own, but I don’t want to waste money and get something that isn’t going to give me the best quality. We filmed mostly in the Eagle Landing apartments and covered most of campus using his drone from there.

Question of the Week:

The first thing that I do now that the end has started is gather as many useful companions as possible. One thing that I’ve learned throughout my journey so far is that there is strength in numbers! We might as well prepare together if we want any hope of surviving.

How to Read a Movie

“How to Read a Movie” by Roger Ebert had some vital points regarding videography. He mentioned pausing the film and thinking about what you see when you do. He also spoke about how visual compositions have “intrinsic weighting”, where certain areas of the available visual space have tendencies to stir emotional or aesthetic reactions. Filmmakers naturally compose shots from images that well up emotionally, instinctively or strategically. For the first time I heard what the Rule of Thirds is, aligning a subject with the guide lines and ther intersection points, placing the horizon on the top to bottom line.

The first of the 4 short films that I watched was the Top 20 amazing cinematic technique. The pan technique is one that I notice a lot in different films, it is the turning of the head view in the active scene. The next was the short video on match cuts. Match cuts are two shots with similar compositional elements joined metaphorical or thematic. Hitchcock Loves Bikinis discussed how the assembly of film can be changed to create a different idea. The same shots can be mean two different things based off the context of the supporting cuts. the last featured editing techniques, from jump cuts, slow motion montages, different transitions, and a few more interesting tricks in editing.

The scene that I chose to do a video essay on was the ending scene to the movie “10 Cloverfield Lane”. The scene used a decent amount of the transitions mentioned in the Top 20 amazing cinematic techniques video. I also noticed the amount of B-roll used in the ending scene to give context and pass time. There aren’t any words being said in these last few scenes because there’s only one character, other than the lady on the radio. The music controls the majority of the tone for this scene and supports the setting perfectly.


Lights, Camera, Action! Week 10

The first thing I did week was decide who I was going to be working with regarding the video project we had. I linked up with Dan earlier this year to collaborate on a basketball video he wanted to film. We decided to make a video showing what it takes to make a creative production. We began working on our trailers separately by using similar footage but different editing software. He uses Premiere Pro and I use Final Cut Pro.

I tried to make sure I took care of the Self-Evaluation ahead of time, but I almost forgot to do it until Monday.

Next I started on the daily creates. For the first daily create, I had to draw a flying plant. I decided to draw a random Pokemon that was made to resemble a plant. The second daily create I made a Jaw-breaker Frog and used Aviary app on my phone. I watch the four short videos: Top 20 Amazing Cinematic Technique, Match Cut, Hitchcock Loves Bikinis, and Editing techniques. I probably enjoyed the Editing Techniques the most because of the different tricks they had.

Question of the Week:

What are you all doing for your videos?