Short Stories with Everlasting Meanings…

The Defenders” by Philip K. Dick
First off what I thought was extremely effective about the way this story was told is the fact that it sort of started in the middle of the storyline regarding the apocalyptic situation. The story begins in the time period featuring the current living situation, then gives slight background information regarding what happened to the world piece by piece. It elicits a natural cycle of curiosity. I love how the details that you would initially want to know immediately are told randomly throughout the story. I think that the style of how the information is given to the reader makes it more interesting to read. I imagined everything from a visual aspect similar to that of the movie “I-Robot”. Its interesting how the rules embedded within the leadys to do what they perceive as best for the humans is what causes the initial conflict. When Franks, Moss and Taylor was told by the leader that “in a sense, it has come to be our war,” it made me think that the leadys might have consciously evolved in some way to where they feel that they have a greater purpose than serving the humans.
The most interesting part of this story to me was when the humans found out that the war had ceased to exist since they first went underground. It brings to my attention that WE are the virus to our own state of living. “We found that it had no purpose, except, perhaps, in terms of human needs.” The leady also speaks on a higher perspective of culture and how humans have to develop to the point where no hatred lies within us. The dynamic between relationship of fear and control the humans have with the leadys. They fear what they are capable of, however, they were made to not be able to harm humans. I also love the idea of “ours” eventually meaning “mankind’s”.


Tupac Shakur and the End of the World” by Sandra McDonald

The main reason I chose to read this short story was because it had “Tupac Shaker” in the title. At first when I began reading this short story it gave me a “Walking Dead” vibe regarding the dialogue and background information of the characters (even thought I’ve only seen like 3 episodes from the tv series). This one is a little different from the previous story because the cause of the apocalypse involve some time of “plague”. I enjoyed the way the story was being told from Susan’s perspective as the narrator. This story seems to mainly be focused on the demise of each individual character as they try to reach their destination. Its interesting that they don’t really have any major conflict or action regarding how the first few characters die. It seems to just be a series of unfortunate events that lead to their deaths. I thought that the ending of Susan was probably the most significant to the story. I thought that she was about to be saved, but it seems that she was hallucinating the entire time. It was an interesting mashup of all that she last cared about before her life came to an end.

Here’s a pop art painting I did of Tupac. Ironically he was my first choice of selling my art on apparel on my website! RIP Pac


The End! Week 2

During the second week of The End I first began with thinking about what type of story I wanted to tell. I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to write on, so I started off with thinking about nature. However, I wanted to have a twist to it that could relate to the current life we live. The backstory behind the idea of having “Mother Earth” and the “Four Seasons” is based off my mother, me and my siblings. We were all born in a different season so I thought it’d be cool to utilize that in my story. I also made it a point to bring up the reason for the destruction of Earth was simply that the humans were more focused on their differences than similarities. I wanted to show that hate is contagious and can always results in destruction.

Question of the Week:
I would rather become a zombie than have all of my loved ones be turned into zombies. I don’t think it would be worth living if that meant that everyone I loved had to technically die. I feel like the people I love in my life is what makes me value my life as much as I do.


And here’s a random pic…lol a survivor of the apocalypse..probably mutated from some alien panda of something


The Mother of 4

Once upon a time, there was only Mother Earth and the Father Sun in existence. The Earth felt that she was without form due to being so far from her love for so long. Mother Earth grew very lonely and lost in time. She felt as if something was missing for so long and so she decided to do something about it. After 2,000 years of Mother Earth searching for that missing piece to give her existence purpose, she decided to go on a journey to find the perfect man to serve as the father of her children. Once she found an individual pure of heart, she took his life and buried him deep beneath the Earth’s crust in order to absorb the pureness of his soul and life force for the creation of her children.

Mother Earth gave birth to four children, born for each season of the year. The first born child was born during the spring and the second was born during autumn. The two younger children were born in the summer and then the winter. Each child was born with a special ability to manipulate one of natures elements thanks to the power of their mother flowing within their veins. The children grew to be more powerful the older they became. They were chosen to watch over the humans of earth in four quadrants and to maintain a balance of peace for the people. The Four Seasons loved their people more than anything. However, what they did not expect is for the people of earth to become consumed with their differences from each other, rather than what they had in common. These differences first began as thoughts, eventually grew to arguments, and finally war was declared between the four quadrants!

The Four Seasons had never experienced the feeling of hate. They knew of only love until the humans introduced it to them. Now the four beings that were made to exemplify love, were now consumed with the acts of war. Many people died during this war that seemed to have no end.

The Sun grew extremely impatient with the malicious acts of both the humans and the Four Seasons. He warned Mother Earth that the war was taking a major toll on her body and would eventually result in her demise. He foresaw that this was the beginning to The End. Mother Earth tried to convince the Sun that she trusted her children to eventually overcome the deception of their differences in order to bring peace on Earth.

The war lasted for 7,000 years before The End happened. One last battle between the four quadrants of earth caused an explosion so massive that it ruptured the Earth’s Core. This explosion caused volcanoes to erupt, earthquakes that destroyed all of the man-made architecture, and tsunamis rose high enough to make mountains disappear completely. The Four Seasons attempted to come together to try to save their mother’s destruction, but it was too late.

The Sun had lost his one true love and became consumed with anger at the Four Seasons for allowing this to happen. “You must be punished!” roared The Sun. He grew 4 times his size almost instantaneously and continued to grow so massive that the Four Season’s powers were neutralized due to the extreme heat.

“BOOM!” The Sun exploded, causing everything to be filled with darkness.

First Week preparing for THE END!

During my first preparing for The End, I started off with becoming more familiar with using my UMW domain and WordPress. I haven’t had to use WordPress since my first year attending UMW during my Intro to Digital Studies course. As far as the appearance goes, I chose one of my favorite pictures that I captured of Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, from the vlog I made of visiting for the first time. It didn’t take to long to remember how to set up everything on WordPress. The next thing I did was make sure that I was signed up with slack and to sync my blog post to the Digital Storytelling site. I chose to use my personal Instagram and Twitter so that I would give the opportunity for more people to watch and possible interact with what I’m doing in this class.

The most fun I had preparing for The End definitely has to be the video that I made showing what I would have in my bag. The only difficulty that I had was uploading it to YouTube. I’ve never had an issue with uploading content, however, for some reason it continued to fail twice because of the wifi! Nonetheless, if YOU are not prepared to survive then you stop what you’re doing now and watch that video before its too late!

Questions of the Week:

I think that I enjoy the post-apocalyptic shows/movies that give alternate futures. I think it is interesting if the main characters are capable of changing the outcome of the future by going to the past, like in X-Men Days of Future Past. I had to think deep into what shows I’ve watched regarding post-apocalyptic themes and some of my favorites would be Samurai Jack and a rather new show called Into the Badlands. The reason why I love Samurai Jack is because of the hip hop theme it has to it, also it is like a relic from my childhood days! Into the Badlands is interesting to me because it shows a post-apocalyptic era where the people there don’t use guns, but use swords and martial arts instead. Anyone that loves any type of action with some dramatic acting involved should most definitely check out this show!