Story Behind Marcus Hodges…

My character’s name is Marcus Hodges, and has a history for not following directions and creating his own rules at almost any cost. He was always the smartest one in every school he attended, so he became bored with the standard way things took place. He had a knack for creating drama in some way, shape, or form. He believed heavily in the art of deception or persuasion. He would often act certain ways to get people to do things for him. He used his witty personality and charm to get what he wanted in life. He didn’t care who became hurt in the process of getting what he wanted because he felt that people didn’t care about his well-being.

Growing up he was what most would call a “mama’s boy”. His mother was his pride and joy, she also seemed to be the only person that showed him the love and attention that he craved deep down. At the age of 9, his mother disappeared without a trace. She left him with his step-father, who was just as confused as the son was regarding her absence. Every Sunday morning for 7 months they would go looking for his mother until his step-father eventually gave up. Marcus never wanted to give up until he had an answer, but the hope he once had began to turn into malice towards everyone. Marcus became the selfish, deceiptful individual that he is today. Marcus is now 23 years old and owns his own business in film and advertisement. He’s been recognized as the type of boss that sells dreams to his clients and goes back on his word depending on how it benefits himself.

This is who he is before “The End” comes.

The Mother of 4

Once upon a time, there was only Mother Earth and the Father Sun in existence. The Earth felt that she was without form due to being so far from her love for so long. Mother Earth grew very lonely and lost in time. She felt as if something was missing for so long and so she decided to do something about it. After 2,000 years of Mother Earth searching for that missing piece to give her existence purpose, she decided to go on a journey to find the perfect man to serve as the father of her children. Once she found an individual pure of heart, she took his life and buried him deep beneath the Earth’s crust in order to absorb the pureness of his soul and life force for the creation of her children.

Mother Earth gave birth to four children, born for each season of the year. The first born child was born during the spring and the second was born during autumn. The two younger children were born in the summer and then the winter. Each child was born with a special ability to manipulate one of natures elements thanks to the power of their mother flowing within their veins. The children grew to be more powerful the older they became. They were chosen to watch over the humans of earth in four quadrants and to maintain a balance of peace for the people. The Four Seasons loved their people more than anything. However, what they did not expect is for the people of earth to become consumed with their differences from each other, rather than what they had in common. These differences first began as thoughts, eventually grew to arguments, and finally war was declared between the four quadrants!

The Four Seasons had never experienced the feeling of hate. They knew of only love until the humans introduced it to them. Now the four beings that were made to exemplify love, were now consumed with the acts of war. Many people died during this war that seemed to have no end.

The Sun grew extremely impatient with the malicious acts of both the humans and the Four Seasons. He warned Mother Earth that the war was taking a major toll on her body and would eventually result in her demise. He foresaw that this was the beginning to The End. Mother Earth tried to convince the Sun that she trusted her children to eventually overcome the deception of their differences in order to bring peace on Earth.

The war lasted for 7,000 years before The End happened. One last battle between the four quadrants of earth caused an explosion so massive that it ruptured the Earth’s Core. This explosion caused volcanoes to erupt, earthquakes that destroyed all of the man-made architecture, and tsunamis rose high enough to make mountains disappear completely. The Four Seasons attempted to come together to try to save their mother’s destruction, but it was too late.

The Sun had lost his one true love and became consumed with anger at the Four Seasons for allowing this to happen. “You must be punished!” roared The Sun. He grew 4 times his size almost instantaneously and continued to grow so massive that the Four Season’s powers were neutralized due to the extreme heat.

“BOOM!” The Sun exploded, causing everything to be filled with darkness.