First Week preparing for THE END!

During my first preparing for The End, I started off with becoming more familiar with using my UMW domain and WordPress. I haven’t had to use WordPress since my first year attending UMW during my Intro to Digital Studies course. As far as the appearance goes, I chose one of my favorite pictures that I captured of Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, from the vlog I made of visiting for the first time. It didn’t take to long to remember how to set up everything on WordPress. The next thing I did was make sure that I was signed up with slack and to sync my blog post to the Digital Storytelling site. I chose to use my personal Instagram and Twitter so that I would give the opportunity for more people to watch and possible interact with what I’m doing in this class.

The most fun I had preparing for The End definitely has to be the video that I made showing what I would have in my bag. The only difficulty that I had was uploading it to YouTube. I’ve never had an issue with uploading content, however, for some reason it continued to fail twice because of the wifi! Nonetheless, if YOU are not prepared to survive then you stop what you’re doing now and watch that video before its too late!

Questions of the Week:

I think that I enjoy the post-apocalyptic shows/movies that give alternate futures. I think it is interesting if the main characters are capable of changing the outcome of the future by going to the past, like in X-Men Days of Future Past. I had to think deep into what shows I’ve watched regarding post-apocalyptic themes and some of my favorites would be Samurai Jack and a rather new show called Into the Badlands. The reason why I love Samurai Jack is because of the hip hop theme it has to it, also it is like a relic from my childhood days! Into the Badlands is interesting to me because it shows a post-apocalyptic era where the people there don’t use guns, but use swords and martial arts instead. Anyone that loves any type of action with some dramatic acting involved should most definitely check out this show!

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