The End! Week 2

During the second week of The End I first began with thinking about what type of story I wanted to tell. I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to write on, so I started off with thinking about nature. However, I wanted to have a twist to it that could relate to the current life we live. The backstory behind the idea of having “Mother Earth” and the “Four Seasons” is based off my mother, me and my siblings. We were all born in a different season so I thought it’d be cool to utilize that in my story. I also made it a point to bring up the reason for the destruction of Earth was simply that the humans were more focused on their differences than similarities. I wanted to show that hate is contagious and can always results in destruction.

Question of the Week:
I would rather become a zombie than have all of my loved ones be turned into zombies. I don’t think it would be worth living if that meant that everyone I loved had to technically die. I feel like the people I love in my life is what makes me value my life as much as I do.


And here’s a random pic…lol a survivor of the apocalypse..probably mutated from some alien panda of something


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  1. Thanks for sharing the backstory to the story — I was wondering what your inspiration was. It reminded me of a lot of traditional origin stories I’ve read.

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