What’s next?!

I began this week by starting on the daily creates. The first daily create for March 22nd was to tweet a picture of my favorite animal and give it a more descriptive name. I chose the panda bear and gave it the name “Oreo Bear”, paying homage to the Oreo milkshake I was eating from cookout. For the 3rd daily create, I had to create a short poem that I related to the post-apocalyptic theme for class. (Twitter)

During the radio shows reflection, I enjoyed everyone’s feedback regarding our show. I was surprised that some people enjoyed it more than expected. I loved doing the radio show, not just as an assignment, but as an opportunity to interact with my classmates.

The radio show that I tuned in for was the “Survivors at Sunrise.” I enjoyed the dialogue from this station and the individual stories included. This group focused on what to do after the apocalypse had already occurred, which I thought was interesting because I wondered how radio stations would work in a post-apocalyptic era.

Question of the Week:

One major thing that I could not live without during the apocalypse would be clothing. I would rip clothes off of dead people if I had to. After watching a few apocalyptic movies, I noticed how significant a pair of shoes might be to someone.

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  1. When I was doing my question of the week, this never even crossed my mind! But how miserable would it be to not have clean clothes or a good pair of shoes?! I am right there with you on this one, clothes are a must have!

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